Character Points/Paragon Level

What is that?

We get points by gaining levels.
From 1-1500 we get 45 points.
The first promotion will give us 5 points, the second 10 and the third 15 which will give us 10 points in total.
We can also get 40 points by doing mining tasks for Lucio.

Lucio can be find in Dwarf Cave.

Leveling +45 points

Promotions +30 points

Mining +40 points

Max total points is unlimited.

Paragon Level

When we reach level 1500, gaining experience goes to a new level called Paragon.
With each level we get 1 Character Point. This level is for all characters on your account. Our new account will have the same level and the same number of points to spend.
Additionally, if we reach level 1500 our other characters on the account below level 1500 will receive 50% more experience!