Elite Monsters

We can meet Elite Monsters everywhere, we can recognize them by a special effect and an additional name next to the name.
Elite looks like its original form but has a special ability and its HP more 50%, Damage deal 30% more, Damage Reduction 20% and can looted Crystal Fossil.

Elite Special Ability:
Armored - 50% damage reduction
Shapers - reflects attacks that deal 10% you HP or Mana
Fat - 50% more health
Clone - creates 3 clones identical to the original
Frozen - when it dies it creates an explosion of ice after 2 seconds that freezes for 3 seconds and deal 50% HP
Explosive - when it dies it creates an explosion of fire after 2 seconds that deal 90% of you HP
Plagued - chance to summon green toxin pools on the ground that deal Poison damage to players standing in them
Waller - can erect impenetrable barriers for a short period of time. Summoned walls vanish after 3 seconds
Strong - has increased damage by 50%
Vampiric - heals for 100% of the damage dealt
Electric - by taking damage, it creates electric beams that injure any player who walks on it
Stunner - has a chance to stunned target for 2s
Puller - has a chance to pull the target towards him by 5 SQM
Doger - has a 50% chance to dodge melee and distance attacks
Anti Mage - 50% damage reduction from elemental attacks
Critical - has a 30% chance to deal 2 time more damage
Fast - significantly increases the speed of movement
Golden - 3000% more gold from loot
Crystal - drop an extra crystal fossil
Lucker - 200% loot chance and 100% chance for upgrade material

Champion Boss

After killing each monster, we have a chance to summon a CHAMPION that is visually the same monster we defeated, but it becomes much stronger!
CHAMPION - increased damage +100%, HP +100% damage reduction +50%, increased 1000% EXP and Gold, extra Crystal Fossil, higher chance for better rarity minimum Legendary+ and item can have Influenced bonus.