Fusion Vocation

When we complete the task for the second promotion and return to Forei King, our level will go back to 1.
After logging in again, we will be able to choose the second vocation with which we want to connect.
Thanks to this, we will be able to use his Talents!

Vocation Fusion Bonuses:

At level 500, we choose to fusion with another character vocation talents.
This allows us to use his talents and we receive a new surname.
At level 700, we need to complete a Swamp Pit Dungeon on Expert difficulty to get a passive ability.
Here is vocation fusion and his bonuses.
When you click on self u see bonus.

Hybrid deal extra 25% of attack power as Elemental or Physical Damage.

[Elementalist] - (sorcerer + druid)
Overpower Elemental Damage +25%.
[Magic Archer] - (sorcerer + archer)
Hybrid and 5% to cast Elemental Arrow that deal 150% attack power as Elemental Damage.
[Battlemage] - (sorcerer + knight)
Hybrid and extra 20% attack power as Elemental/Physical Damage.
[Holy Mage] - (sorcerer + paladin)
Mana +105000 and you deal 30% of your Mana as elemental damage. (Paladin mana/damage increased double)
[Darknesser] - (sorcerer + shadow)
Hybrid and 5% to cast Shadow Blur that deal 150% Elemental/Physical Damage.
[Elf] - (druid + archer)
Hybrid, Critical Damage +15% and Overpower Damage +10% if target HP above 60%.
[Forest Guardian] - (druid + knight)
Hybrid, Recovery Effectiveness +25% and Spell Avoid Chance +5%.
[Priest] - (druid + paladin)
Recovery 2% HP per seconds and All Skills +135.
[Spirit] - (druid + shadow)
Hybrid and every 10 seconds u become Ghost for 2 seconds. +30% DoT Damage.
[Artillery] - (archer + knight)
Penetration Damage +10% and Basic Damage +55%.
[Divine Arrow] - (archer + paladin)
Hybrid, Crushing Blow Chance +10% and 10% to cast Holy Light that deal 100% attack power as Elemental Damage.
[Hidden Flint] - (archer + shadow)
Critical Chance + 3%, Critical Damage +10% and Basic Damage +50%.
[Inquisitor] - (knight + paladin)
Hybrid, Dodge/Spell Block Chance +5% and 5% chance to recovery 2% HP after damage taken.
[Darkness Guard] - (knight + shadow)
Reflect Chance +5% and Reflect Damage +30%.
[Lost Light] - (paladin + shadow)
Hybrid and when you receive a fatal blow you come back alive with maximum health and mana and you become immortal for 3 seconds, cooldown 5 minutes. +30% DoT Damage.