Skills and Tips

Each skill is responsible for increasing the damage or reducing the damage taken.

1. How to healing more?
Increase you Mastery, x% recovery effectiveness, Level and bonusses form Dark Tower.

2. How to healing and recovery mana more?
Attribute recovery effectiveness increased this amount. You can too gain this attribute to end Dark Tower, for each floor increase 2%.

3. Attribute x% chance to receiving mind power
Increase you elemental damage by 3% stacket to 5 times. Elemental Damage is for Shadows, Paladins, Sorcerers and Druids.

4. Mastery is old Magic Level
They work similarly, use spells to increase its level, each class increases it the same!

Skill Description Increasing Skill
Mastery Increase healing from exuras and increased all other skills
Each 1 Mastery point mean 1% more all skills.
If you got 100 Distance Fighting and 10 Mastery so you skills is increased by 10% so you have 110 Distance Fighting.
Cast Spells/Mana Spend
Distance Fighting Increase damage from basic attacks and spells for Archers and Shadows. Using a distance weapon.
Melee Fighting Increase damage from basic attacks and spells for Knights and Paladins. Using a melee weapon.
Magic Power Increase damage from basic attacks and spells for Sorcerers and Druids. Using a wand weapon.
Shielding Increase damage reduction from basic attacks and spells for all vocations with shield. Take damage while holding shields.
Healing Power Increase healing from potions and spells. Using a healing spells.