Upgrade Books

Upgrade Books

There are 5 types of books.

Can be obtained in several ways: Drop from all monster (small chance), crafting by using Book Fragment (drop from all monsters, bosses, dungeons, daily rewards and battlepass), Bosses, Dungeons, Treasure Goblin, Daily Bosses, Dark Tower, Daily Rewards, Battlepass Rewards, Promotion/Reborn.

Book Of Rarity
The item will re-draw rarity again.

Book Of Downgrade

This book protects us from dropping the level while improving items. It is enough for you to have it in your backpack.

Book Of Quality

By using the Book Of Quality we can increase the quality of the item. Each try increases by 1%.
The percentage of item quality increases the stats of each attribute added to the item.
Max is 20% !

Book Of High Quality

By using the Book Of High Quality you can increase the quality up to 30% but it is random from 1% to 30%!

Book Of Ability

When using an item, there is a chance to discover a hidden skill. Each subsequent use increases the skill level max is 5 Level!. Hidden Skills can only be added once per item!
Items that can have skills are: Weapons All, Gloves, Helmet and Armor.
Crystal of Oblivion When used, you can re-draws an item ability. Drop from dungeon bosses.

List Of Ability

Item Ability Description
Weapon Any



1-5% chance to silence your foes for 1s. Cannot cast spells.

1-5% chance to stun your foes for 0.5s. Nothing can be done or moved.

1-5% chance to disarm your foes for 1s. Cannot use melee or ranged attacks.
Penetration Stab

Bleeding Strike

Burning Hands

1-5% chance to penetrated your foes. 2-10% of the damage done as true damage (igrnore resists)

1-5% chance to bleeding your foes. The target bleeding for 5% damage over 5 seconds.

1-5% chance to ignite your foes. The target burns for 5% damage over 5 seconds.
Mug Helmet


Weak Point

1-5% chance to cast mug strike deal 10% of damage deal.

1-5% increases spell damage.

1-5% increases melee/distance damage.
Armor (Chest)
Earth Skin

Drunking Skin

Chilling Skin

1-5% reduced damage taken.

1-5% chance to drunk your foes. Drunk enemy for 4 seconds.

1-5% chance to chill your foes. Slowing attacker for 3 seconds